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Banglalion Communications Ltd. | WiMAX in Bangladesh

Q. I cannot browse the Internet properly while I am downloading something. What is the reason for this?
A. When you are downloading something from the Internet, it is very likely that approximately 90% of your available bandwidth will be consumed by the downloading task. It is best if you do not download and browse the Internet at the same time. However, if you use a download accelerating software (like Orbit Downloader or Internet Download Manager), then you can use their respective “Speed Limit” option to control your download bandwidth.

Q.  I cannot enter my user name and password at the connection manager of the dongle. Why? (Applicable for Banglalion AWB US211 USB Dongle)
A. This issue arises when the dongle driver is not found. Please ask help for technical support.

Q. Internet connection is limited or no internet connectivity (for Indoor/Outdoor modem)
A. This issue could be arises when your LAN Card (Network Interface Card – NIC) is not set to obtain IP address and DNS automatically. Please ask help for technical support.

Q. I cannot send emails from Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook (or other email clients) using Banglalion connection.
A. In order to prevent spamming, we do not allow external SMTP servers. To fix the issue, you need to change your outgoing server address to “mx.banglalionmail.net” and make sure “My server requires authentication” is unchecked from the account settings.

Q. I am trying to browse the Internet, but Banglalion login page is only coming up.
A. This usually happens when:

  • You cross your usage limit if you are in a limited package or a prepaid user.
  • Your bills are due.

To check billing or expiration date status, enter your Banglalion user ID and password at the login page and then click ‘login’.

Q. What are CINR and RSSI? How do I know I am under good or bad signal?
A. CINR stands for Carrier to Interference plus Noise Ratio. It is measured in dB. The greater the positive CINR value, the better is the signal is. So, CINR of 19 or 22 dB is very good, while CINR value of 1-5 dB is poor.
RSSI stands for Received Signal Strength Indication. It is measured in dBm. The greater the RSSI value, the better the signal is. It may be confusing because of the negative sign. Please check the followings:
Below -50: Excellent
-60 dBm: Very good

-70 dBm: Good
-80 dBm: Moderate
-90 dBm: Poor
-95 dBm: Very poor

RSSI range of -50 dBm to -75 dBm is suitable for good connectivity.

Q. Why my USB dongle has Authentication failure (shows EAP failure or Connection Failed or Authentication fails)?
A. To resolve this issue, make sure your computer date/time is the current one. If the date is back dated, please change it back to the current date and time from Control Panel. If the issue is not fixed, then please re-enter your user ID (user name) and password at the login page and try to reconnect. Make sure CAPSLOCK key on your keyboard is not active while you are entering your user id and/or password.

Authentication failure may also occur due to poor signal. If CINR/RSSI value is too low (like CINR -2 or 1 dB and RSSI -92 or -100 dBm).

Company Information

Banglalion Communications Limited is the largest 4G Wireless Broadband service provider of Bangladesh in terms of coverage, subscriber number and revenue.

  • Banglalion was incorporated on September 05, 2008 as a private limited company.
  • Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) awarded the Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) operator license to Banglalion on November 18, 2008.
  • Banglalion became a public limited company on May 07, 2011.
  • Banglalion is planning to be listed with Dhaka & Chittagong Stock Exchange by mid of 2012.
  • The Authorized capital of Banglalion is BDT 5 (Five) billion, as of June 2011.
  • As of June 2011, the total investment in Banglalion is more than BDT 4.5 billion.

As of September 2011, Banglalion has a total workforce of more than 600 employees.

Banglalion Corporate Headquarter is located at Gulshan, Dhaka.

Major Shareholdings of Banglalion is as follows:

Shareholders Number of Shares Number of Shareholders % of Total
Sponsors (Company/Institutions)

38,550,000 4 97.72%
Other Shareholders(In person) 900,000 6 2.28
Total Shares 39,450,000 10 100%

Board of Directors:

Major (Retd.) Abdul Mannan
Brig Gen (Retd.) Khaled A Karim
Umme Kulsum Mannan
Mahmood Malik

Business Details

Banglalion operates a wireless 4G mobile data network based on IEEE 802.16e standard of ITU which is popularly known as WiMAX technology under a BWA license awarded by Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC).

Banglalion launched it service initially in key areas of Dhaka in January 2010 to provide high-speed wireless broadband internet service to the home and business users of those areas. At present Banglalion network is spread across 7 divisional headquarters and more than 30 major districts of the country. Banglalion management projects that by the end of 2012 the network will expand to Upozila level to cover the rural population of the country. At present Banglalion network includes more than 600 base stations.

In addition to basic high-speed internet connectivity, Banglalion is planning to gradually launch new, innovative and useful Value Added Services like IP Telephony, IP PBX, IP Surveillance, E-Health, E-Entertainment etc.

Zero Coupon Bond

Banglalion Communications Limited is pleased to announce that it has received permission from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to raise capital of BDT 130.00 crore (Private Placement).

Thank you for choosing Banglalion as your 4G Broadband Internet Provider.

If you have purchased AWB US211 model Banglalion USB dongle, please click here for guidance on how to install the device and start using it.

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If you have purchased ZyXEL MAX-206M1R Series model Banglalion Indoor Modem, please click here for guidance on how to install the device and start using it.

AWB US211 USB dongle

ZTE AX 226 USB dongle

Quanta WU216 USB dongle

AWB RG231 Indoor Modem

ZyXEL MAX-206M1R Indoor Modem

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